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Tickets must be bought separately for different events at Jamboree.  Below are a list of prices.

Coronation of the Queen

$6.00 in advance ($7 at the door) to get into the Coronation at the Smithville Elementary Cafetorium, Bishop at 8th street on the Elementary/Junior High Campus. 
Get your ticket early at any of the Smithville banks or at The Pickett Fence, 306 Main Street.

Chuckwagon Square

CRITTER ARMBAND: $20.00 for a pre-sale armband to get into Chuckwagon Square for the entire 4 days  (only 1,000 sold).  Tickets may be be bought at any of the Smithville banks or at Smithville City Hall from March 27th thru April 9th, 2014.  For more information, call 512-848-5378.

THURSDAY: $10.00

FRIDAY & SATURDAY: $15.00 each night

Kids 12 and under free.


For questions, call Brenda at 512-237-3282.

Live Music

To dance to the music of any of the bands, a one-day pass or an armband into Chuckwagon Square is required.  See the prices above under "Chuckwagon Square."


No entry fee for the carnival.  However, Special times as listed are $20.00 to $22.00 for an All-You-Can-Ride armband.  Ride tickets are a $1.00 a ticket.  Please see the SCHEDULE or CARNIVAL pages with a link on the left for Special All-You-Can-Ride times.  An ATM will be on the carnival site for convenience.


Costs vary to participate in the four tournaments held at Jamboree.  Please contact those chairmen directly or see the TOURNAMENTS links to the left for information about participating in the SOFTBALL, VOLLEYBALL, HORSESHOES or WASHERS tournaments.

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