Need Help?

Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team knows that recovery can take time, and the dedicated people with BCLTRT want to help.  They will work with you to figure out your home needs and organizes volunteers, materials and supplies to get your home built.  

There are several other services available to help you recover your pre-disaster lifestyle.  Read more to see what BCLTRT can do for you.

Disaster Case Management is the process of organizing and providing a timely, coordinated approach to assess disaster-related-needs including healthcare, mental health and human services needs that were caused or increased by the event and may adversely impact an individual’s recovery if not addressed.

Disaster case management facilitates the delivery of resources and services, works with a client to begin a recovery plan and advocates for your needs to assist you and your family in returning to a pre-disaster status.  If necessary, disaster case management helps transition the client with pre-existing needs to existing case management providers after disaster-related-needs are addressed.

We're the one place to go to get help.  We partner with other organizations for other services you may need:  Bastrop County Disaster Case Management is provided by St. Vincent de Paul services, Austin Disaster Relief Network, Bastrop Christian Ministerial Alliance, and BCLTRT services.

Contact our office to find out your next steps in getting assistance.


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